Touring Club Italiano c.1915;Giuseppe Riccobaldi;7 1/2″ x 6 1/2″; A-,P

At the heart of many Italian vintage graphics you will find a special fluency for the sizzle of motion. Italian designers tend to be geniuses in capturing the magic of the kinetic heart of life.

For instance, in the cover shown above the instance of hot wheels is endowed with a marvellous circus trick (replete with a flaming baton). But, over and above that, there is the golden girl’s body language and enraptured, proud and a bit aggressive facial expression, There is a breathtaking twist carrying through her whole body!  


Italian Line America

Italian Line America c.1938;Filippo Romoli;18″ x 10 1/2″; A-,P

The compositional and chromatic dash of the statement shown here reveals that sensual inspiration can carry through to architectural phenomena. Many Italian graphic designers were graduates of architectural schools!




Tricofilina 1945;Gino Boccasile;38″ x 27″; A-,L

Stemming from that embrace of the sensuous pop of human life, a rich sense of carefree fun comes into the picture!




Paglieri 1949;Gino Boccasile;39″ x 28 3/4″; A-,L

Italian graphic art is second to none in finding the visual tuning to celebrate lush beauties with perfect pitch! So much more goes into a work like this than merely loading on attractive incident!




Santafiora c.1950;Anonymous;12 1/2″ x 9″; A, Cdbd

Even a low-key presence like this indoor sign encompasses so much more than meets a hasty glance, due to input from that undertone.





Cattolica 1949;Filippo Romoli;39″x 26″;A-,L

Renditions of sybaritic delight abound in Italian travel posters. And in this glowing example we can contemplate the carnal inspiration tempering a mere blast of a perfect beach. Chic, yes. But also fully engaged with the less chic side of life.





S. Fosca c.1938;Gino Boccasile;19″x 13 1/4″; A-, cdbd

The rightness of touch so prominent in Italian design right across the board is wonderfully apparent in this work. A promotion for a laxative could be a daunting assignment as to bringing to bear riveting beauty. But this tour de force by the fantastic Gino Boccasile brings it off with amazing ease! The beauties of Venice and a lovely, happy woman fit so well with the nitty gritty, thanks to the deep reflective range of this paragon of modern Italian artistry!




Impex 1940;Gino Boccasile;11 1/2″ x 8 3/8″;A-,L

More than a catchy demonstration of auto polish, this vignette speaks to the wider imperative to shine. Sexiness is an intrinsic not a gratuitous factor here.




Olio Radino c.1950Gino Boccasile;55″x 39″; A,L

Prose and poetry culminating in graphic magic!




Cappello Bantam c. 1930;Gino Boccasile;55″ x 39″;A-,L

The head of steam constituting the core of Italian graphic art can take in stride the extreme imperatives of advanced modernist expression. Boccasile has been by many dismissed as a pin-up artist. Here we see the more sound aspect of his art in all its strange glory!




Piscina Coperta (diving) 1936;Gino Boccasile;9 1/2″x6 3/4″; A-,cdbd

We’ll close with a fascinating twist within the golden age of Italian graphic art, which happens to coincide with the fascist era. As with the abstraction for Bantam directly above, intense currents are in play here. But the pall of ideology pulls them away, somewhat, from the gracious range of the true brilliance of this repository of amazing disclosure.



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