Joy to the world! Let’s explore the joys of Christmas as mustered by some of our most vivid graphics. The great pochoir shown here is about a city girl in love—not the least of which, with the holiday season. From the olive-toned bell to her little scarlet heels, the color harmonies here are superb at a level as only a labor of love could convey. Nonchalance as befits her being in tune with this time for lovers. 
Christmastime in a snowbound village. Adults bending to a pleasant chore. But they are a bit daunted by the elements!
Another yule log to brighten a party; but the kids and their pup are putting on some cool moves which the oldsters don’t have time for. Such imagery involves the earthy passion that always marks such places and such chores.

Russian snows are formidable, and so is that Russian gusto for enjoying them. Racing along with the gifts of a tangy day, while others attend to love attaching to their church.

How do you know this is a French and not a Russian sleigh-ride? Why not look great when you’re feeling this graceful?

Three different worlds of Christmas fun, on one hillside. For a child, the joys of Christmas are numerous and sweet.

Putting their best foot forward. And let’s hope the warmth of love that night stays with them forever.

All of these vintage 1920s pochoir greeting cards (approx. size 6 1/2″ x 5 1/2″) and many more like them are available for sale .
Prices range from $35-$70.


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