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A priority that rocks across the board is the enjoyment of food and drinks. A variation on that theme is being transported by a sterling restaurant. So much more than satisfying fare is entailed in a successful commercial dining experience. And consideration of those other fascinating currents is what we really want to explore here along lines of alert graphic design (which has, come to think of it, an affinity to alert restaurant design).

We begin with a captivating moment wherein a lady on an excursion by train cannot resist prolonging a brief stopover, after seeing that the venue includes an antidote to a crowded, confined, perhaps noisy vehicle. She’d rather be having a nice beverage in a congenial room designed to lift one to a higher plane.



A hot dining spot in the socially simpler Paris of the Belle Epoque? For sure we have a set of well-dressed epicureans catching up with a product to enhance a night out with folks who lift their spirits.




Dressing up and reviving a love affair with the bounty of big city life. Champagne is a heavenly enticement. But also in that vein are the hours spent in a fine locale with those like-minded in loving great food and loving the depths of shared delight in brilliant décor, brilliant service and those likewise having a life  that looks to future adventures.



Pan a la baule

The meal and the company were over the moon!




This famous, very popular vintage graphic composition telescopes down to a dream-server, making the appetizer a life-changing event!




Once in a while a dining experience can transport you to a state where you’re in touch with elemental factors!



Sem Asparagus

Not all restaurants prove to be sublime. In fact some give you a strong urge to eat at home.




Restaurant cars in trains can be not only a gustatory breeze but a way of linking the motion and the changing scenes to one’s intimate thoughts and feelings.




When you think about it, in many cases the folks over there at the bar give you extraordinary food for thought!




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