This exquisite lithographic poster, by the very accomplished and special, Austin Cooper, is a paradigm of vintage British graphics. There is the love for history, literacy and the land and sea. And there is modelling of persons in such a way as to capture a bountiful solicitude. This quietly arresting cover by Tom Purvis concerns itself with that typical fastidiousness about all areas of design and their creature gratifications.

                                         Chic, with emphasis upon the countryside.

                    A girl and her dog—both pleasurably resplendent in white piping.

                                              Rising above the disappointments of the weather!
A breathtaking fantasy wherein, thousands of miles from home, another world takes on prim and upbeat British priorities in design and generous decorum.
                                                          Fresh as the heather, neat as a pin!
                                  Ruling the waves by sheer devotion to design performance.
Industrial construction, captured in its gritty poetry by that exceptional conveyor of landscape, Norman Wilkinson.
    Even when plunging into the French aura of Surrealism, British wit and charm carries through!



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