Architectural design is something city dwellers tend to be as addicted to as they are to the jolts from their coffee shops. A bemusing and most absorbing instance of this devotion is the proliferation of upgrading tired facades with scintillating vignettes, endowing prosaic structures with a strange kind of poetry, presented as informing the mundane with its true heart, as dilemma-fraught as it is delightful.
                                      It’s a cutting and crowded stairway to stardom.
                                                    When you’re hot, doors open.
                                            When you’re not, enjoy the sun.
                                              Every street deserves an aquarium.
                                             Remember Halloween, its tough love.
This is all Al, the muralist. A bathtub of blood. Or is it David Lynch (now a painter), stealing Al’s stars.?
Another artist, brilliantly photo-realist in order to speak for the pensive side these places would otherwise conceal.
                                              The magic of color and texture.
                                                          A wall that ups the ante!

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