Though we all know birds trace back to dinosaurs, so many species are so streamlined these days they seem to be very recent. Here, however, though not looking prehistoric, the pheasant is given a definitely old-fashioned brand. Its modest brown variations throughout its body–with a slight redness at the top to puzzle hunters–recalls an old-timey pleasure. The face, with its enhanced eyes and sombre green collar, has something retro about it. This stylization lends  an iconic tone to Christine’s fine treasure. (We recall her lovely remark, “The pheasant is a present.”)  


flying fish

By contrast, the flying fish plunges eerily and happily into the future. Will its gusto survive the wreckage of the seas?




Let’s hope that this fantasy butterfly (with darkened edges) can prove the adage that insects can overcome human derangement.




Christine’s metier of range, through primality to exquisite, not surprisingly holds forth in the series of fruits and vegetables. She focuses upon the play of the dynamic across the pineapple. Here the base consists of  green shades and umber (a natural brown or reddish-brown), the better to show the sweetness of depths of the flavor.




This eggplant is both organic and metaphysical. Its energy not only rushes downward from the stem, but plunges upward in its narrowing exuberance. A truly nourishing natural gem.




With this fig, Christine has ramped up the chromatic similitude, to a point where nature’s bounty becomes a far wider statement than an everyday food.




The watermelon is both edible and astronomical. The black seeds double as craters. A surreal power prevails as a topspin gift upon a lovely decoration.




With the quince, we enter that French forte of fastidious sensuousness and tempered fire.



granny smith

An apple a day. With each apple being an island unique and never to be seen again. This delicious mosaic was our very first purchase!




There are apples born to shine in the busy market.



blood orange

The juice of a blood orange, spinning deliciously on its axis.



Our  mosaic collection  seen here and in MOSAIC MAGIC COLLECTION Part One are just a small sampling of what Christine has created over many decades.

Recently,  she was involved in creating  this lovely wall mural with many community  volunteers, in her village of approximately 215 residents in the south of France. Christine also displays in various shows in France and elsewhere.


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