Two posters  in a bedroom looking for a companion–other than the resident Kitty!

A loyal and charming client has asked us to help her find the final graphic component of a bedroom wall in her New York City apartment. As you can see from the photo above, there is in place a grand nocturnal by a modernist French master and a beach patio design with typical Italian flair. We’ll let you in on how we marshaled our proposals as to completing the room.  


New York Go Greyhound

New York Go Greyhound 1950s;Rod Ruth;40” x 30”;A-, L

We happen to have a fine lithograph which seems to us to address the aspects of reverie and resort while, in addition, embracing the City.





Chicago Go Greyhound c. 1960;Rod Ruth;40” x 30”;A-, P

From there we have made the suggestion that the Chicago-by-night poster would maintain the premium on endless, fabulous design visions while upping the ante on new horizons. Perhaps the factor of travel pleasure could weave into the dream motif.





Fly TWA Washington 1958;David Klein;40” x 25”;A-, P

Some of the basic motifs (nocturne, well-being, etc.); but against the grain in its hyper-public energies—often a means to invigorate a range of sameness.





Stockholm 1953;Curt Blixt;39 1/4” x 24 1/2”;A-, P

A dream in the form of an exceptional urban design. The sea and night motifs maintained.





Arosa 1957;Donald Brun;40″ x 25″;A-,P

Casual elegance, right on cue (and a Swiss-Italian modernist overture). Nothing wrong with introducing an earthy keynote!





Spain/Iberia c.1955;Anonymous;36″ x 26 1/2″;A,P

Neither dreamy nor laid back. So what’s the point? An extra dash of Mediterranean sun and sunny ne sais quoi.





Cattolica 1949;Filippo Romoli;39″ x 26″;A-,L

The colors are perfect for book-ending with the blue sleeping car. Italian beach-front again. And just contradictory enough to sustain a reflection on contrast within a gallery wall.





Italy Pan American c. 1950;A.Fine;42” x 28”; A-, L

Like a happy, even giddy dream! Again, washed out golden structures play well with those deep blues of Villemot’s Sleeping Car. The Leaning Tower seems, by virtue of compositional cropping, to go on forever!





Trentino Dolomiti 1951;Mario Puppo;39″ x 26 1/2″;A,L

Go with the dream! Go with summer good times!





Australia So Near by Qantas c. 1955;Frank McNamara;39” x 25”;A-, P

A great match with the Italian patio. And the differences are even more rewarding!






Holland-Diver c. 1948;? Illegible;38 ½” x 23 ¼”;A-,L

The first of two long shots that could be a key to new dimensions afoot on that wall. The sharp, intensively clustered diving position contrasts fascinatingly with the reclining sleeper. That medieval sun links to the Italian patio. The sail, windmill and sky allow us to keep relaxing.





La Meridienne c.1950;Saaulita ?;22″ x 14″;A-,L

Do you read before going to bed? Do you read in the sun? The format being smaller than the existing two, could be brought into scale by framing and matting.

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