IMG_4763-002Olympics posters come to us as  a very mixed bag. Last week we were pleased to see  First Canadian Place, putting up some medal-worthy graphics for the non-stop sport center popping up in the foyer. 


IMG_4748Even more worth a hearty round of applause and some Rebel yells are the images of official posters from Olympiads gone-by.


IMG_4761Let’s see how the local output measures up against the work of go-to designers of the past. This snowboard rendering is of special interest to me, for its allusions to tattoo design as the circuitry that gets from point A to point B, in a hurry and in a flourish!



Back in 1948, modernist lightness of touch was the watchword, reminding us that slippery winter sports are often more a matter of deftness than trampling everything underfoot.


Another look at the rather otherworldly dynamics in view as the contemporary choice.


IMG_4744Classic Japanese design strategies as a promise that the site will be vivacious and soulful.


I love how this Italian design brings into play the great coffee and chocolate shops under the arcades of Torino’s grand piazza! The spectacle and the striving is a delicious joy!

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