Milano is an ancient centre with an ultra-modern heart. Just as its cathedral is the most stunningly designed instance to be found, its artisans continue to generate all manner of products at a level of instantly recognizable excellence.

The buoyancy of the City’s manufacturing, retailing and financial activities has provided a market for luxury goods, the competition for access to which has resulted in a tradition of brilliant and bold advertising design.

Recent designers have opted for earthy wit to offset a tightness about all that accomplishment. Here the operatic effect of quiet voice for emphasis is ironically deployed to shake up any preciousness about pregnancy.

Yesterday’s grandeur, a bit formidable.

A city of exhibits in honor of great design. Milano is to decor what Cannes is to movies.

The Naviglio Canal, a Renaissance-era commercial route between Milano and Switzerland. Until quite recently, this strip in the City was a place to search for and find amazing antiques.

Those were the days!

There is a film, namely, Michelangelo Antonioni’s La Notte (1961), set in Milano, which rewards an attentive viewer with the highest level of film craftsmanship. As such it offers, to those who pay the price, illuminations to occupy a lifetime.

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