Even now, on Sundays, all around Paris, street musicians strive to keep alive the affection and wit of the City’s Belle Epoque and avant garde heyday. They pass around the lyrics of their songs to a loyal following; and, for a few minutes, the heart and soul, the promise and difficulty of modern experience comes to life.

“In all the world, my only joy is my man…”

“A cute kid.” The vignette at the bottom of the page suggests there have been many of her type over a long period of time. But the catchy use of the familiar sign on the wall–“No Advertising Here”–gives us something very new, very street smart and ready for surprising breakaways.

A Gallic precursor to My Fair Lady’s, “Little Bit of Luck.”

She sings, “I’m not pretty, but I show spirit and wit…and that surprises everyone.”

“At my age one walks much more slowly, but that leads to noticing the charms of the surrounding.”

“She’s not my dream girl, she’s my steady. She spent happy years in Buenos Ayres.”

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