Sometimes I feel that, despite birds’ being a common fixture of our world, we’re only beginning to get into a disposition to really appreciate them. It’s true that birdwatchers and the like have been very fond of these creatures for centuries; and they’ve long been cherished as food. But nevertheless, have they been well understood from the perspective of flight?

As the world has turned, the phenomena of motion have begun to take precedence over instances of stasis. (This turn coincides with the advent of lithographic design.) If you settle your gaze on the kind of motion they’re uniquely expert at, then those feathery projectiles become something else again; and that something else puts them way up there, even while so many of them are becoming extinct.

The type of bird shown here is not likely to disappear, being a real survivor. But over and above this, there is its being a masterful flyer, thrillingly overshadowing one of the client’s floating palaces. The carefree plunge of this lively protagonist becomes an ideal of grace, mystery and adventure to which prospective customers would flock!   



An ad for the London Underground, stressing that getting into the hinterland is a means of meeting up with a large variety of graceful treasures unknown to urbanites.




Selling the thrill of an alpine tour by way of those lofty crags only fully accessible to powerful, daring eagles (which the bus riders regard with envy and delight).




How do birds manage during torrential rains and blizzards? This awning and tent promotion puts a nesting bird in the center because that species seems to be most out on a limb.




A happy bird is remarkably inspiring and welcoming! This greeting to Holland, then, has found the best ambassador!



timberdoodle-1We recently discovered a casualty of the Spring migration, a bird we had never seen and almost incredibly beautiful. A high flyer no more, this American Woodcock remained celestial notwithstanding. Denizen of the lakes and woodlands north of the City, its nick-name, “timberdoodle,” captures the whimsy of its days!




In addition, this fine and very tame robin thrilled us a couple of days ago as we meandered along our shoreline!




Advertising the warmth in addition to the wonderfulness of Copenhagen, this charmer of a vintage poster maintains that that city is wild-creatures-friendly!




This ad for a brand of radios, emanating from the radio era, alertly pays homage to the fastidious gusto with which song birds (like this canary) persue their artistry.




This delicate pochoir, by the discerning, witty and hugely talented, Andre Marty, captures the captivating powers of feathered magicians.




This masterful design by the great visual poet of animals, Theophile-Andre-Steinlen, seizes the elemental heartiness of birds to alert all of France that, though the shooting War is over, the wider ravages and challenges remain.

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