The British periodical known as The Sketch (1893-1959) took upon itself the project of showing “aristocracy” in a positive light. In addition to its coverage of expensive events and pampered heirs and heiresses, it was able to attract illustrators and–most remarkably and unusually—photographers of so high a calibre (as able to count on deluxe paper stock) that the upshot was an impression of a more comprehensive and profound sense of aristocratic energy.

The young women in the photo above are captured in their readiness for life and society transcending their débutante status and certification by royalty.    


She’s called here, “Viscount Maidstone’s Hungarian Fiancée.” But she’s shown to be primordially significant, not some adjunct whose mother was a Vanderbilt and whose future mother-in-law “was a member of the famous Philadelphian banking family of Drexel.”



“The Newest Star,” Miss Vivian Leigh. A stagy attitude; but a risk-taker complemented by the design and texture of her dress.



Lady Marguerite Strickland, explicitly in the spirit of Katharine Hepburn. Therefore displaying dramatic range far surpassing being the only daughter of the Earl of Darnley.



In connection with the races at Ascot, a glorious presence referred to here as, “A Certain Winner.”



A photographic ad along lines of the photographic portraiture. Therefore, so much more than about a product!



As to the level of the illustrative design, the case is closed by this awe-inspiring cover by the sublime Erte! Torrid France, sweeping the frost away from fascinatingly equivocal England!



More high heat, on behalf of Dunlop tires.



Another wedding motif. Another stairway to the stars!



A suite of polo watercolors, giving us to understand the peril as well as the grace of such action!



A silhouette, lifting off, in its disinterested play of forms, from the ponderous world of trite advantage.

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