The permanently situated framed vintage posters (for sale) in our entrance-way gallery and the rotating display of unframed vintage posters in our studio combine to provide in a flash (the speed, in fact, posters get going with blowing us away) the kind of communication great designs, almost always in a crowd, thrive upon. Our first three designs, larger than first imagined, by virtue of large frames, play along as a story of seasons–fall, winter, spring/summer, in that order. Moreover, the first two designs pertain to luxury apparel in connection with the season at hand–this being a launch pad, among other things, for meeting the public.   



As with so many lithographic advertisements, our Swiss menswear ad does not merely record something for sale; but it goes all-out to state that doing things right–at whatever exertion-level it takes–is the only way to meet a broken social scene.





Another Swiss clothing design, from 1930, this one wrapping itself in the motif of “lonely at the top” but with the proviso that beautiful craft resources are not to be sneezed at! (On the other hand, both of our Swiss gems exude a primal delight in the full range of sensuous gifts.)





Now hopping over to France, it is the endowment of this glorious work on paper to stress domestic comfort zones–especially pertaining to French wines–which carry the visitor close to our kitchen and living room. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have business and pleasure quite seamlessly holding forth.





Facing the Paris Metro/ brick wall facsimile shown in the previous photos, we now display two travel-size tableaus that always shake things up. Here we offer an example of how quaint and yet how enviable was travel off the beaten path long ago (the 1920s, to be exact).




Our iconic logo alluding (for us) to the seagulls who so often closely fly by our windows!!




Spreading from our entry gallery we have a grouping of small format Canadian vintage posters.







Our studio is a visual kitchen where we play with combinations of disparate graphic statements. We began to set up this particular configuration with a view to the two great grass landscapes. The green billiard table was an afterthought. And its being an interior vignette added immeasurably to the energy of the display!


For details of all of these vintage posters, please visit us at idesirevintageposters.com

We would be happy to provide further information. We ship worldwide and have appointments for viewing!

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