Our business could well be described as providing wall decor. The virtues of vintage poster design tended to strut-their-stuff on large surfaces, to be glued to outdoor walls. These productions were not to be sneezed at, inasmuch as the talent pool, first seen in Paris, was very accomplished. It is this uprising which seduced urban decorators to turn to lithographic resources as distinct from paintings.

All well and  good, of course. But the same folks who dazzled the populous by way of first-rate posters, were also very active in producing smaller-scale lithographic promotions–in theatre programs, magazine covers and illustrations, wine catalogues, pochoirs, menus, etc. Although the quality of these items was generally as sharp as the very best posters, the aesthetes of the time (and right up to our own time) could, for the most part, not bring themselves to find serious interest in small illumination.

Therefore, today we’d like to introduce our enthusiasm for this work. Our first gem, by posterist-giant, A. M. Cassandre, finds him in a Surrealist mood, having left France for work in New York, as the guns of war were imminent in Europe.

Please visit added Fortune illus. by Cassandre:  Surrealist Graphic Design Gallery



You like deco? We have deco! You couldn’t find a more stunningly effective version of Italian graphic design than this one!




And, yet, maybe this litho (on blue-chip paper) provides a frisson as to spatiality to equal the previous wonder!




Inner-space and outer-space. Such wit, not without quite a measure of wisdom!




A gritty hour-glass and oodles of lift, on very deluxe paper stock.  This rather exclusive image appears in a very exclusive forum. Its radical notion of human stance displays the situation that such a format can zero in on heights prohibitive in mainstream commerce.




Wildness under siege. Here we have a homage to resolve not to capitulate to a hard-won composure! The location and date-factor is very significant in the energy of this apparition!




Surrealism shaking up long-held positions.




At one with the elements. A big question ensconced in a small venue.

Enjoy a closeup view  of classic Vogue modernist illustration from our collection! VIDEO: The Illustrative, Vintage Era of Vogue Magazine. 


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