With this shout-out about vintage posters that seem to be missing in action, we hearken to  the signs of the time, inasmuch as travel has never been such a magnet as it is now. The styles of such events comprise a stunning range–from airbnb couch surfing to grand cruises and palatial hotels. Moreover, prodigious distances covered by extreme youth and extreme age have become commonplace. No time nor money to “waste” on old lithos? Let’s see.

With those unprecedented numbers of travellers, we wonder how the travel and transportation art of the past, in our inventory, might add depths for wayfarers and jet-setters alike.

For instance, our first gem has much to offer in its sensuousness and coloration, only coming to special elegance and fascination by the powers of lithography, multiplying the tonality of a view. The tiny stature of the plane accentuates the royalty of the cranes, and yet leaves an aura you might never appreciate otherwise. The foliage and the misty lake bring to bear real mystery, seldom if ever, coming through a phone or any camera.




A shopping binge to Paris, showing more of the experience without showing some underwhelming apparel. The whimsical foreignness of the action holds forth as a dash to outer space!




Why photograph the surface of Paris when you can have its soul in a litho like this? Paris is a city quite unique in realizing that its best is the product of its inhabitants. Tout-Paris is just flippant enough to seriously take off.




This tiny litho wakens us to perils of the seas; and in this perspective it delivers a thrill seldom captured at the moment of “vacation reality,” but subliminally tantalizing. From its deco, numeral four (citing the number of ships in the fleet of the Cosulich Line), to the solo protagonist, the priority of the exquisite is clearly at the mercy of the seas and the skies. The tiny-looking ship far away, emphasizes that frisson which the vacationer knew but needs to know better, as delivered by the litho.




The great McKnight Kauffer offers a deep conundrum in this delicious chromatic of a vintage poster clinic. Not for everyone, but for the daring, he leaves us stimulated to fathom what is “new,” as well as “old.” For many tourists venturing into bullfight territory, there is a test to find the sublime in such a vicious and stupidly primitive phenomenon. Not content to remind us of the “Toros,”  he also implies that cock-fighting (old as the hills) is omnipresent. The child/ woman at the center of this puzzle gives us a break. Her poise speaks to an earthy gentleness and mystery which bold visitors could appreciate, notwithstanding the sizzling assault.




Beloved of skiers, snow-boarders, mountaineers aficionados of awesome views and chic resorts, the Alps would seem to be the full-package of a perfect vacation. What more could be on the agenda? Well, our long-ago poster covering the zone along the French Jura heights, hard by Switzerland, has up its sleeve that mysterious intimacy which the hardness avails to each and everyone.


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