Pacha Noir 1890s;Jules-Alexandre Grun; 48″ X 34″; B+, L
About 1890, Parisian artist, Jules Cheret, discovered an efficient and low-cost technique for the production of lithographs, leading to a torrent of advertising graphics adding even more brilliance, delight and mystery to the City of Light.
 Here we have Cheret’s colleague, Jules-Alexandre Grun, pushing a club/restaurant; but, even more to the point, pushing the Montmartre district as the coolest place on Earth.


cherry chevalier
Cherry Maurice Chevalier c.1935;Roger de Valerio; 16 1/2″ x10 5/8″; A,cdbd.
For years an epitome of the chic and joie de vivre of Paris denizens, singer/actor Maurice Chevalier was a perfect fit for lithographic billboards and their smaller cousins (like the one in view here), meant for interior spaces.
Jouets Etrennes (Christmas) 1922; Georges Leonnec; 35 3/4″ x 24 1/4″; A-, L
Santa and Material Girls—in a city offering a dazzling array of deluxe products for young and old.
La Plus Jolie Fille de France c.1920; Faria; 47″x30″; A,L
Breathtaking spectacles were, and still are, a mainspring of the City!
Jules Berry 1930s; Jean Don; 47″ X 32″; A, L
A singer and movie star from the 1920s and 1930s, giving us some now universal attitude that was patented in Paris.
Moulin Rouge 1952 ; Anonymous; 63″x47″; B+,L
Did we say spectacle and attitude pervades this unique centre of energy?!
Gravures 1937; Marie Laurencin; 19 3/8″ x 12 3/4″; A,L
Paris is a long-standing pacesetter for the arts. Here devotees of those arts show a sensibility as rich as the works.
Folies Bergere 1974; Erte; 62″ X 42″;A, L
A double thrill—Folies Bergere and the always amazing Erte!
La Meridienne c.1950; Saaulita ?; 22″ x 14″; A-,L
Paris, a centre of great literature and avid readers!
La Goualeuse 1938; Jean DominiqueVan Caulaert; 63″ X 47″; B+, L
Paris night-life  and its legendary femmes fatales and apaches.
Pan Au Printemps
Au Printemps 1928; Lucien  Boucher;12″x 9 5/8″; A,P, Lithographic plate from Pan
Paris, the place to find heavenly products produced by deities conversant with making the material world show its supernal overtones! Always the most fabulous surprises—to be found in the Au Printemps (Spring) department store!

Si on Rentrait Gouter;GBT, 1920;8 1/2″x 7 1/2″;A,P


One of the girls asks Mom, “Let’s go back for another taste” [of great pastry].

Paris is very much like that, leaving you eager to taste more of its splendors!
Paris c.1949;Roger de Valerio; 39 1/2″ x 24 1/2″; A-, L
City of Compelling Dreams!
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