Toronto Raptors’ shooting guard, Demar DeRozan, is a lyrically skilled athlete who, many times this year, carried the team to victory with remarkable ball control and shooting accuracy from all angles. But, over the past 3 years now, his performances in the first round playoff series have been remarkably dismal, he becoming someone we can’t recognize and don’t want to watch. The passionate daring of regular a melts away and he seems to have almost entirely lost his way. We’re hoping, still, that he can rise above this voodoo, pronto!

Whatever the outcome, this malaise lends focus to the crucial role of passion in high-level sports. Accordingly, we delve into our sports graphics anew, with a view to those designs having been galvanized by that question of emotional intensity spearheading lofty and hard-won skills. The Tour de France (dealt with in the image above) is an extreme test of Stamina, skill, drive and courage which aptly opens our proceedings about the passionate side of sports and the dark pit of risk and pain which all elite athletes must traverse.   




Swift and daring as a swallow, the athlete here may not be a pro but her resolve has a silver lining which indeed dovetails with moments of breakthroughs which might have gone darkly wrong.





The commercial subject is a circulatory nutrient to supplement the body’s recuperative powers. But  the dark horse carrying the one carrying the ball grounds this vintage poster in the myriad mysteries of wild athletic performance.





Other worlds  to explore and master.  Easy to say. But this brilliant graphic design does not  stint  in conveying the rigors of such mastery.





Motorization at a point where the carnal energy of the riders makes  all the difference. The lithographic booklet is titled, “Achievements.” Achievements in sports may be short-lived; but then so is everything else. What lasts is the input of kinetic crescendo!





Solitariousness along the lines depicted can only be perceived for what it is by those with a  fluency for the solitary.





Testing the abysses of  speed  and its grace.





Putting everything into it!





A proto-Futurist world of speed and soaring!

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