03-IMG_4490At first glance you might find this an unremarkable glimpse of modern chairs at a design show. But look again, at the details of these two chairs. In the foreground, the chair’s coloration traces (from left to right) an ebbing of its color statement. In the background, the grey seating appears to be laced with wire! In both cases the deficit proves illusory, providing a superb comfort and a playful “crisis,” derived from that highway of infinite physical possibilities coinciding with the intent of mustering comfortable seating.

01-IMG_4488Under the auspices of the same sensibility promoting the chairs in the first photo, there is this rock formation which in fact constitutes a sofa of remarkably versatile and sustaining enjoyment. Prehistoric materiality here becomes transformed by human initiatives on behalf of material support.

06-IMG_4525The ringmaster of this dance of elemental forces, Patrizia Moroso, studied art and, only after graduating from art school with a cauldron of innovative passions, went on to take over (in 1985 ) the directorship of her parents’ small but feisty furniture manufacturing concern in Udine, Italy.

07-IMG_4528The business had, since its inception in 1952, been cognizant of the allure of streamline; and the inspiration to be derived from graphic design.

09-IMG_4536But, even today, and certainly back in 1985,her mantra would be, “Milan is sitting in the past;” and she has been utterly consistent in pursuit of the necessary new.A chair like the one pictured here, derives from physical, biological eventuation as ambushed by consciousness and its need to thrive imaginatively, dangerously, as well as pragmatically.

10-IMG_4538One of Moroso’s star designers, Ron Arad, is a master of shock and awe and fun. Here we have an enactment of his fusion of apparel and seating.

15-IMG_4552Another take on cool conjunctions—enlisting high fashion into the realm of chic (and assault-proof) decor.

13-IMG_4546Here the organic twists and curves of a beloved patio garden make the leap to a human facility, that curvy red chair, that is a feast for the eyes and the whole body!

14-IMG_4549Homage to the inspiration of blossoming nature. This chair is a bit of a ride into the nature of quantum physics and its vastly instrumental role of the finite persona.

05-IMG_4522    Sprawling, perforated, bent…perfect!

12-IMG_4541    Producing aspects of an uncanny continuum.

08-IMG_4530An evocative, twentieth century past (which Moroso cherishes, especially for that dash which her parents dared to pursue), having to find its niche within a twenty-first century breakaway!

02-IMG_4493  Mossy stonework to take inside for dreaming on the edge of a jungle.

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