Graphic designers (even today) live to light a fire under the viewer, in hopes that the attractiveness and excitement of the evocation will create an irresistible demand for a specific product or service and that the irresistibility will lift the client to a new effervescence. (A designer as establishing many such coups comes to be less anonymous and adds to the enjoyment of the lithographic artistry.)

Here we have rather sharp drama in the perspective, and as joined by light humor in the figuration. The product (shown almost parenthetically) does not appear in the central design as such. What we get is a maximum-capacity drama of the mundane product. And the point of view leads the way!  



This gem, by the immensely talented Jupp Wiertz, brilliantly demonstrates the ranges of beauty, poignancy and mystery which can be brought about by a well-thought-through perspective upon the subject, as supplemented by great modelling and color sense.





A bee-line to a cigarette is couched in Olympian glory here, by the very accomplished perspectivist and and portraitist, Charles Edward Chambers. Once again, it is especially the thrust of a live-wire which so successfully carries the design.




How many more dimensions and depths come to bear upon a ferry boat service, in light of the point of view of the mysterious sea salt, among other things, representing the heart and soul of simple souls behind a commercial concern.



New.York.Worlds Fair

Even an event like a great World’s Fair can be lifted higher by the infectious enthusiasm of a blue-chip tour guide!




The smile and body language tell us that radio technology makes serious waves right down to earthy roots! This register of gusto and consequentiality would not be possible without a commitment to compositional point of view!




A film about a level of pain hard to believe. From the perspective of one of the main targets, the unbelievable becomes very believable!




Very definitely the Movie Admiral and his poop-deck-espying call the shots here, in bringing into view a retrospective of the film posters for the works of Truffaut.




The perspective here, upon a New Year’s Eve party, opts for the intimate and unforgettable elicitation!

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