bonnard-couverture-de-lalbum-56A plaza at sunset, and the starlings fill the skies with their inventive motions. The populace discovers a Paris few of us know.
Bonnard’s subdued lithograph intends to be savored for a long time. Don’t rush away, or you’ll miss some surprising, quiet thrills.

bonnard-avenue-du-bois-57The Bois de Boulogne and here the “scene” almost overwhelms the forest. Drama galore, in this dark and simple standoff!

bonnard-paravent-47bFar from the blur of the previous 2 works, here we are treated to the precision of a promenade by which the brilliant City of Light has become legendary. So much to absorb; and done without raising its voice!

bonnard-back-coverThe delicacy of the affection here, masterfully rendered with the sparest of resources.

bonnard-coupe-compotier-80            Interior bounty, evoked by such marvellous austerity of means!

bonnard-etude-nu-84The intimacy of this depiction of a sponge bath is enhanced by its modest grey-scale. I love how the upshot is a robust launch into a pressing work day!

bonnard-toilette-assise-83More attending to the routine of “la toilette;” and notice how the sense of calm leisure is conveyed by the factors of the design.

bonnard-lettre-85All the household features form the busy trajectory brewing in this brilliantly hushed moment of absorbing a letter. So far away from the observances of an operating system in the recent film, Her (2013). And yet there is a continuance, an affinity in variants of reaching out to “possibilities”!

bonnard-rue-92Bright lights engulfed by worlds of darkness (and it doesn’t take a high definition wide screen). That graphically evoked chic places us within the glamorous trio and its endlessly fascinating energies. Evocative magic!

bonnard-place-clichy-77Night shopping in a bourgeois quartier. Diminished and steady lives enhanced by gales of unfinished and unfinishable business.

bonnard-rue-vue-den-haut-60Here the dynamite view offers so much by means of its greyness. And the whole tableau wonderfully aims for something unseen: the fortunate possessor of that prospect. Who needs movies when you can make such riveting stories from out of these pages as written and directed by Pierre Bonnard?

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