ROLF ARMSTRONG (1889-1960)

ROLF ARMSTRONG (1889-1960)  Armstrong has been quoted as intent upon eliciting “all the glow, exuberance and spontaneous joy that leaps from a young and happy heart,” and in those of his works that are fully mastered he does indeed provide a rush of major energy that puts him in league with the very best of art deco and art nouveau illustrators.  His particular interest, dating from around 1920, in the art of calendar production—which is most akin to but deriving far less due respect than paper advertising fans—led him to closely research the ranges of lithography as rendering flesh tones and light and color effects on paper.

When you think about it, though a calendar may not be a tool in easing sensuous malaise with attention to graphic refreshments and graces, it does come to bat in not merely cueing up appointments and listing memos but delicately introducing the waning of one’s days. No one could match Armstrong in revealing that the moment of beauty and wit in front of you as you check the calendar can make perfect sense of the fleeting days.

The calendar and seasonal motifs by Alphonse Mucha anticipate and chord in fascinating ways with Armstrong’s more earthy initiatives.

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