Here and there the gods of vintage posters attend to our skin. Nowadays large exposure covers every nook and cranny of the media. But back then, statements did occur which lifted our hearts and opened eyes to products.

As it happens, we’ve amassed quite a thrust of such imagery, and we’d like to share that force because the ways of skin and its passion can tell much about the ways of history.

Our first example sneaks up to the fingernails product by way of not only the fetching shoulders and upper back, but her remarkable steppes of hair and also the highlands of those fingers. A treasure of alertness (akin to love) opens the far from mundane concern.  

Here the must-have-shoes have been assimilated to better things, by way of that kinetic vehicle in the sea.

From the deft resources of the two preceding works, we slip back to the cliche of dangerous passion, replete with thorns of rose blossoms.  A tableau like this charts pretty skin being an asset in a world of war, a world of advantage. How many more sophisticated players carry this mantle into our century?

Once again, what could have been a cliche of a frivolous soul, becomes a denizen of the night, her skin and cosmetics transforming a flirt to a force!

Here we have a sonnet of skin in her element. The elan of the stance recalls the late-night singer in David Lynch’s film, Mulholland Drive, so molton of energy that her one great performance saves her from mere adoration.

Perfect skin, and that’s only the beginning. Her intent eyes reveal her to be a real mystery, a figure meant for another world.




Austere but masterful.

In conclusion, there are moments when a queen of exposure sallies out to lead a moment of carnality where the history of  our planet had sorely failed to be an equal factor of its smarts.

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