Le Nid de Pinsons 1922 GBT;Andre Marty;9 1/2″ x 7″;A-,P

When, after a severe, austere and long winter, you witness the spurt of the onset of the leaves and blossoms and the return to basking in the warm sunlight, you can’t help feeling that there is something unusually fine about the spring season! Our focus for this week also exhibits the range of love and how acutely vintage graphic art relishes that range of feeling that goes to the heart of kinetic fullness.

The pochoir shown above, by that most far-seeing of the Paris art deco pochoir roster, Andre Marty, brilliantly chooses to feature the earthy simplicity for which the season is beloved. In giving their hearts to a tiny beast, the couple cut through, in a heartbeat, millennia of hierarchical assumptions. Spring does work magic, if you allow it to be what it is. 



La Cueillette 1921 GBT;Georges Lepape;9 1/2″x 7 1/2″;A,P

In the south of France, by late May, the cherries are plump and sweet. This phenomenon readily arcs to other delicious treats. There is something about spring romances that engages the reverie of an intensity very short lived. The billowy motif of Georges Lepape’s design knowingly emphasizes the fleeting nature of that delight.




Fiancailles 1922 GBT;Georges Lepape ;9 1/2″x 7 3/8″;A,P

A spring wedding for a young couple in love with each other’s having been blessed by that fruition of nature especially abundant in spring.




La Caline 1922 GBT;Andre Marty;9 5/8″x 7 1/4″;A,P

It’s called “cuddling;” and the setting and their apparel suggest they have just been blessed by a spring wedding!




Australia So Near by Qantas c. 1955;;Frank McNamara;39” x 25”;A-, P

On top of the world at the bottom of the world! I love this very rare vintage poster for its daring to show good times on a (gasp) cloudy day! Spring is more an attitude here than an astronomical or biological event.




Canada Steamship Lines The Tideless Seas of North America 1934
Anonymous; 10 ½” x 8”;A-, P; Booklet 20pp.

Let’s imagine that these young Depression-era newly-weds were touched by warmer moments and they chose a honeymoon more chilly than not. The poise of their plunge into the multiple distress is laudable and certainly in the spirit of spring resilience.




The Barefoot Contessa 1954;Anonymous;22″x 14″; B+,P

More stratospheric for being mutedly colored, this is an arresting graphic capture of the full flight of spring love–never mind that the principals are far from being kids.



Peugeot Bike101

Peugot 101-102 c.1960;Anonymous;47″ X 63″;A-,L

Breezy and with a fresh simplicity spelling a love affair! “A new lifestyle,” the tag line runs. Such moments can indeed bring something completely new!




L’Illustration October 1934; Andre Marty; 15” x 11”;A-,P; cover; 200 pp.

They’ve aged a bit; but their love for spring has only increased!





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