This being a season of sensual overload, I hope we’re all ready to consider how physical textures speak to us in a language we’re seldom alert to. For instance, the donkey I like very much and visit very often provides a special bundle of compositional, chromatic, tactile, illuminative and kinetic aspects one can read by reference to one’s own processes of delight in the world.

The marked change of mood, in the photo above, derives from a quietening of those features to speak to our own volatility.

On a different note, encountering a store window like this one— so exuberantly reaching out, and being touched in turn by so many eventuations—proffers a chance to weigh whizzing touches as playable by human consciousness.

This arresting window on the Lake ignites strangely comparable forward momentum.

There are places and contents which draw us to contemplate a dazzling and reassuring bounty of textural energies. One such place is a garden, spotlghting the small…

…and the big.

Another such place is a gallery of art. Reaching out toward beckoning design and art constitutes but one aspect of the loving embrace of consciousness by kinetic texture.

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