Chicago Go Greyhound c. 1960 ; Rod Ruth; 40” x 30”; A-, P

Nocturnal imagery has a long-standing record of providing special impacts. In the vintage poster shown above, it lends an aura of mystery to the skyline of Chicago, the better to illuminate the glamor of its renowned commercial architecture.



Fly TWA Washington 1958; David Klein; 40” x 25”; A-, P

The august Capitol in Washington lightens up in the dark, when 4th of July fireworks burn up the sky!


La Goualeuse 1938; Jean Dominique van Caulaert; 63″ x 47″; B+, L

Paris is smashing no matter how its presented. But here, for a long-lost film, its early modern presence of daring and malaise goes viral due to the night and its denizens.


Pan Les Bas de Gastineau

Les Bas de Gastineau 1928; Lucien Boucher; 12″ x 9 5/8″; A,P, Litho from Pan

Another district of Paris by night. The Surrealist twist upon love and longing is so apt (for the home base of Surrealism) and so characteristically dazzling.



Sevilla 1925; Juan Miguel; 61″ x 41″; B+,L

On to Spain, where the night very self-consciously means, first and foremost, striking an iconic attitude within the energies of the annual fiesta.



International Film Festival Berlin 1954; Dostal (Atelier Eggert); 33” x 23 ¼”; A-, P

To evoke the wonders of the Berlin Film Festival, this poster graphic entails the perpetual night-time of cosmic space and the perpetual night-time of the movie theatre.



Rayon d’ Or 1898; Pal; 40″ x 32″ A-,L

A Belle Epoque dream of the night-implicated magic of illumination.



La Boutique Noir/Printemps 1984; Young & Rubicam; 70″ x 48″; A-,P

The ecstasy of a great gift transposing to the home of ecstasy, the night.



Philips c.1950; Anonymous; 31 1/2″x 19″; A-,L

Night-time, the home of film noir, here enhancing a mundane product.



YMCA His Home Over There 1918;Albert Herter; 41” x 28”; B+, P

A less explored area of the power of dark nights—its embellishing the deliciousness of a homey haven.



Bec Regina 1901; Leonetto Cappiello; 54″ x 39″; A, L

A poster that twigs into the startlement (often pleasant) so rife in the darkness of night.


Furness/Starlit Nights c.1953; Adolph Treidler; 38 3/4″ x 29 1/4″; A,L

Here we have one of the great vintage poster romantic evocations of the possibilities of the still of the night.

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