The extraordinary beauty and mystery of the various shores and skies of the Mediterranean Sea become, in the Golden Age of lithographic poster art, portrayals serving the dawning of the Age of Consumerism. When you consider the transactions involved in the evocation, one thing becomes remarkable—most of the experience is very short-term tourism. As a result, the presentations constitute remarkably intense seductions.

Another important consideration here, however, is, over and above the industry of quick fixes, the visitor who finds Mediterranean moments—including the natives—to last a lifetime. As we touch upon our poster resources, it would be useful to imagine which of the vignettes would reach far and which would reach less far.

Our first glimpse of the world’s most famous sea, finds it upstaged by an example of maritime speed and the agents who can put you aboard and perhaps sell you one. Perhaps the main connection to the Cote d’Azure is the craft’s being able to cover the region in an afternoon. “Ultra-Rapide,” yes. Ultra-lasting, doubtful.

Were you to be arrested by that family scene—beyond the glamor—you might never forget the possible destinies of those anonymous sunbathers living in a sort of heaven.

The distant past was no stranger to the blast that was the Mediterranean. Our 50’s beach seduction seems almost as far away now as ancient Alexandria.

How long ago does the reign of Brigitte Bardot seem! For many years, she was the patron saint of the Cote d’Azur.

A glimpse of the Mediterranean poetic timelessness, juxtaposed with prosaic geography. But, true to the subject, the high-flying perspective of the coast enhances mere information to an uncanny upshot.

Cruising the Mediterranean in the 1950’s has been brilliantly rendered by this Audrey Hepburn statement of all being well again when in the hands of Ariadne, the ancient Greek goddess of wine and fertility. Ariadne’s other potency, as bringing forward mazes, has been left far behind in the hunger for a soft, sweet life.

This Depression-Era rendition stresses the rich past and its having been not entirely without dark mysteries.

Before there was the Cannes Film Festival, there was a hunger for verve, drama and glamor!

To get offshore, Mediterranean-style, is to measure beauties and depths beckoning everywhere, but perhaps more effectively  on this magic sea!

A very fine vintage poster locating the Mediterranean as a site of industry reaching out to all the oceans in the world.


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