One of the graphic design participants at last weekend’s Ontario College of Art and Design University grad show (quite a mouthful, but also quite a handful) was a bright and charming young woman with whom we spent a while expressing appreciation for her design priorities. A few days later, we received this pleasant response to the interaction, and it strikes us as a keynote for the show’s wide range of  talent and grace.
“Dear Mr. and Mrs.Clark,
This is Sabrina, hopefully you still remember me. I just want to thank you for coming to our grad show last weekend. Also I want to thank both of you for your encouraging words and how much you both like my posters. What you said to me about how to grow as a designer, and how to take other people’s critique and make myself stronger really inspired me. Just want to let you know that I really appreciate everything you both said to me. Here is a attachment of thank you card I made for you both, hopefully you will like it. 🙂 Thank you!”

Architect Will Alsop’s radical production for the Sharp Centre for design sets a tone of reaching for the necessarily new.

              The ceiling of the largest gallery evokes urgency, daring and paying the price.


                                        An installation about rising from old baggage.


                                                                     Walk the walk!

                                                       Poster art that’s a year ahead!


                          Poster art which knows that the past is unfinished business.


                                                   Machine Age meets cyberspace.


                                         Graphics with a view to timeless energies.


                                                               Sabrina’s product line.


                                           A wry look at accessing past wisdom.


                                         Fabric art that goes for panoramic frisson.


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