We all know that music can make large and important inroads into middling experience. The impact of music in movies, for instance, can leave us enchanted with the action. There are fascinating vintage posters and other graphics which try to approximate visually the lift of musical intervention.

We begin here with a painter, Jack Bush (having worked as a graphic artist to pay the rent), who, when into full gear with his career, became a dazzling exponent of the tonality of blithe fields of color incisively arranged. The sensuous interplay of such presences is in itself a silent form of musical logic. Here the deft spree joins forces with the always scintillating lucidity of Mozart.   


Even if you’ve never heard the can-can, this design clearly evokes all-out musical mastery of sensuality stemming from an urban centre which has done a lot of things right!




The superb Andre Marty, directing his expressive care and wit to capturing a delicate musical moment. “With much feeling,” the tag-line runs; and we do come close thereby to the kind of magic delivered by soprano Sumi Jo, in the recent and supernal film, Youth.




The visual fibre here also conveys the crystalline qualities of the aural initiative.




More dash and more musical spine!




You know from the look that this is not about professional-level rhythm! The vignette lives and dies with its sweetness.




This Depression-Era lounge lizard graphic is the perfect guide to a cruel but also cool musical respite.




A pro redolent of the wear and tear it takes to be a pro. This visual venture dares us to figure out the kind and the stature of the jazz on hand.




The ballet Swan Lake is about the big deal of getting it all together. The inspired graphic art conveys that beyond the big deal there awaits transformational musical riches.

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