The other day, while on a bike ride to the outer limits of Toronto’s East, we saw a family of wild turkeys in a wildlife preserve. Immediately our attention was absorbed by that delicate and resilient energy. Such magnetism finds its way to many instances of marketing. We’ll consider some of these from the perspective of our collection of graphic art.




Keep Well 1939; Elise Reid Boylston; 16 1/2” x 12”; B+, P

Another bird, particularly speaking to children, by reason of the sense of small creatures exposed to harsh elements. The irony of a duck needing more protection than that afforded by nature entails the situation of human invention leading to improved health.




Cooperate 1939; Elise Reid Boylston; 16 1/2” x 12”; B+, P

Still about  teaching kids, also redolent of irony. Here the hook is learning music in order to approach the impressiveness of bird song.




Indian National Railways c. 1950; Arabinda Datta; 39 1/2″x 25″; A-, L


Now some WOW which animals are also adept at generating. WOW, being a great pull to market tourism.

Holland 1950s ;Cornelius van Velsen; 39 ½” x 24”;A-, L

Back to the birds, now from the angle of songbirds evoking a welcoming feeling. Just right for tourist promotion,  subliminally installing the sense of a warm, generous destination.




Furness West Indies Cruises c1950; Adolph Treidler; 40″ x 30″; A-, L,Silkscreen

The donkey upstages all the other attractive phenomena! This vintage poster, then, would attract those who want to enjoy down-to-earth values.




Appel des Nations Unies 1948; Michel Hove; 46″ x 31″;A, P

The dove as a natural friend of innocent children, in a promotion to relieve children’s suffering.




Get Your Teeth into the Job c.1942;Nichol;13 1/2″ x 9″;A-, L

Busy beavers, showing the way to offset evil!




Regal Dessert 1953; Donald Brun; 50 ½”x 35 ½”;A-, P

You want a fancy dessert? So does he!




Africa by SAS Zebras c. 1959;Otto Nielsen;39 ½” x 24 ½”;A-, P

Happily enlisted for the creature’s visual beauty and for that something extra that we all can realize to be vital (even if only for a few seconds).

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