Mundial Dance 1913;F. Dumat;14″ x 10 5/8″;A,P, Song Sheet

This little music sheet with the big color component uncovers that vein of lyrical delight whereby the power is increased in being closely shared by others. Dance to the music, indeed!
















Siouxsie and the Banchees 1986;Victor Moscoso ;30” x 22”;A, P

The look, the attitude—all in the service of the pulse of the music.


Radiomelodie c.1940;Gino Boccasile;12″ x 9 1/4″;A-,L

Sentimentally pouring their hearts out for their men at war; but also being lifted beyond sentimentality by the wider reach of the play of song!





Shadowland February 1921;A.M. Hopfmuller;12”x 8 ¾”;A-, P

Here the spirit of dance song informs the surroundings with a fabulous chromatic sheen.



American National Ballet Theatre 1953;Fratini; Studio Favalli;77″ x 51″;A-,L

Bodies in regal mode in accordance with a regal musical score.




iPod Red Hot 2008;Anonymous;72” x 48 ½”;A, P


iPod Jumpin’ for Joy 2005;Anonymous;72” x 48 ½”;A, P


iPod High Steppin’ 2007;Anonymous;72” x 48 ½”; A, P

Steve Jobs, the super-geek, shepherded a suite of amazing poster designs for his iPod project. Here are a clutch of graphic creations constituting the acme of bodies exponentially expanded by sizzling music! Nice going, Steve!

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