For a pretty low-key phenomenon, visiting a beach serves up a startling range of priorities and presences. Vintage graphic design had been enlisted into maintaining a critical edge for the commercial interests of the sites; and thereby we reap the benefits of skilful imagination teasing out special dimensions of the material settings.

Our first selection, by that master of delicious times, Bernard Villemot, vividly brings the reminder that the Basque landscape boasts not only chic and buoyant venues in which to loll around, but also, often in close proximity with one another, state-of-the-art golf courses. Here the contrasts between the playgrounds accommodate bringing our way rich chromatic ranges to impel our visit.    



Here the beach is a place for intrigue—out of the way and the perfect setting for cooking up a coup d’état. Operetta poster designer, Georges Dola, tempers the dark side of this perspective with wholesome graphic verve to coincide with the lyrical powers of the edge of the sea.




The tug-of-war to survive the private, for-profit school field can be boosted by a beachfront locale with its water sports and graciousness.



sables _dolonne

How can you beat this kind of fun?




This design deserves–beyond its drop-dead sizzling graphic resources–a lot of credit for staging (bemusingly) pin-up and children’s fun in the same breath. Both beach staples wrapped up in one glimpse!

No struggle with focus here!

Here the stress is upon a brief getaway to exotica. The workaday donkey is a note of innocent fun which fits so well into the carefree scene where the scale of the fun-seekers underlines the blithe transience.



fort _mahon

The beach being a long-standing introduction to puzzling solitude.




Where you know you’re no longer in Kansas!




Some beaches have a double, where more undivided athleticism can run its course. The surreal composition of this litho confirms its ambitiousness.




A place in the sun. A place out of this world!



Travel in Italy

Not to ignore the still-life possibilities!




A place to look your best—best being a matter of opinion.



winter sunshine

A place to escape winter. Here the tan coloration and the distanced vignette alertly invoke a not complete escape. The 1939 date also puts in play a rather unstable haven.

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