One of our most lasting memories from European travels was the special care given to food, and lingering over a meal. The French phrase, “A table!” [dinner ‘s ready], is like a fanfare for an exciting show and discovery.

There are many instances of these phenomena in our collection of vintage graphic art. They range from disclosing the pure delight of the fruits of the land to the vast possibilities of enjoying a meal.

Our first example spans riches of the countryside and presentation of a rustic meal. The genius of producing amazing olive oil and its endowment  to so many menus is characteristic of simple and brilliant fare from the land.

In sharp contrast to the previous gift, here we have a legendary London restaurant pulling itself together as befits an A.M. Cassandre design.

Some dining (and drinking) spots are irresistible. They might also be the site of foibles which add to the fun.

It does transpire, from time to time, that even the most exclusive restaurant will involve a table making poor choices.

A dining spot augmented by dancing. And seemingly drawn toward life-changing mystery!

No-nonsense, hearty dining, for a clientele appreciative of the preparations and the moods to be enjoyed.

In some locales the specialization for the brewing and drinking of beer is a hallowed experience.

Kicking it up a notch!

Soaring hopes for creature comforts being satisfied in the old-fashioned way, which, from the perspective of the 21st century, seems nearly incredible.

The fuselage of an airplane becoming an enormous cornucopia! And service which is out of this world!

The apex of an earthy treasure! Champagne, one of the many French food and beverage inventions, somehow seems magically designed to lift us to heights where we belong!

A Paris address, and a penchant for the ardent and simple gifts of the country. Here is an  example of the great menu covers flourishing in the Belle Epoque era.

There’s no end to the devotion for taste amongst European gourmands!

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