We have thrilled to many great lithographic vintage posters coming our way over the past 33 years. Although the overriding motive has been what is saleable and affordable (as well as distinguished), we have had many moments of simply being dazzled by the artistry and craftsmanship so superlative as to be magic, and a significant part of our life. We’ll present such frissons in the course of several blogs. Here are the first waves. 

What strikes us, by way of the great Leonetto Cappiello’s “Buvez du Vin” (1933), is the sense of normality being unable, by way of the French wine, to resist far more than normality. The concentration of the various grapes describes the map of France itself–but a France devoted to the stars. 

Here we have the uncanny, in the first sense, by way of earthly details, chromatically and structurally fascinating. But what really mows us down here, is the lady’s face, produced by an unsung sweetheart posteristJ.Stall. 

Gino Boccasile came to his work with many shortcomings–including being blind in one eye, having a pin-up priority and having an unapologetic, life-long fascist bent. But those passions could, again and again, deliver the desperate joys of life, which he translated, as our exceptional work here proves, into brilliant designs. Beach ware, never headed for more coveted and savvy delivery!   

Though we rarely listen to the radio these days, we remember how it can touch us. In addition to that–the text flying the catchword, “The light that sings”–the detailing of the art deco gem is expert and spirited.   

 A focus on New York tends to bring forward its many monumental features. But this carefully wrought lithographic poster makes its statement at a deeper level. There is a range of Manhattan structures, having been expertly and passionately handled, along with their complementary interplays. The cosmopolitan ocean liner puts in a discreet visit. And the shadowy skyscraper implies the sky being the limit.   

Rounding it off, for now, a Surrealist icon, having pulled out all the stops to dazzle us with its mysteries! 

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