I know there actually people who love grey, wet, cold weather (something about being able to sleep). But when Toronto’s weather becomes as dispiriting as its sports teams, I, for one, turn my back on it and soak up real weather, by way of the marvellous covers for Asia magazine, by Frank McIntosh.   Of course there is much more to McIntosh than escape from the cold. The design above, and the previous one, bring us into a magisterial conjuring of reality’s wealth of forms and colors. Moreover, these two works introduce the artist’s compositional genius for evoking vibrant and serene motion.
Elsewhere (in our On Poster Design file) we have gone over the Art Deco and Surrealist factors of these images. But here I think it is apt to keep our eyes on the excitement with sultry kinetics (far from frozen cadavers), the grounds, that is, of the avant-garde strategies he so consummately marshalled.
In the glowing study above—over and above the dramatic confrontation of old and new life and locomotion which the continent of Asia afforded in those days—we can feel (by way of the perceptual initiative of the red building) a graceful synthesis of the best energies that the old and the new can offer.
McIntosh’s instinct for incisive composition is on full display in this startlingly lovely exploration of the roots of dynamic power in that generosity which translates into all-important sensual grace. There is a logic whereby the woman is a larger force of nature than the mountains.
At one with her bird. The optics imply serenity, but also a very inflected communicative repertoire.
                                 People being graceful; but also a bit intractable.
Reminding me, a bit, of the Siamese Twins in the movie, Big Fish, here is harmonic equilibrium with a strong premium on the unearthly.

Those eyes, about love; but also, somehow, about the quiet desperation of love. So much, in a magazine cover!

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