On Friday, February 13, 1987 we  began our business as I Desire Vintage Posters. During this month, we will be posting several blogs covering a few highlights of the three decades  of our business and pleasure activities. Our entryway-visual, showing wonders and beauties of electricity, by that great graphic artist, A.M. Cassandre, gets a bit ahead of itself, inasmuch as we began our business affairs in vintage graphic art with only hard-copy paper advertising and photo prints to alert a hopefully eager world at large.   


Toronto Life May 1987–Our first Interview, by fashion journalist, Suzanne Boyd

Be that as it may, those high-flying communications of Cassandre do capture the true scope of our market, which we, at first, did not fully comprehend. Being, at the starting-gate, very new at business, we tended to think that Toronto would be pretty much the extent of our actions.



Displays–like those shown here, in Queen Street West Edwards Book and Art Store (remember book stores?)–served as our link to a largely bemused Toronto. But the curator of the Seagram Wine and Spirits Museum in Waterloo did happen by; and we were off to the races (as we saw it).




Over 2 1/2 years we were invited by Alliance Francaise Art Gallery at 24 Spadina Road to stage 3 shows of our French vintage posters–a wonderful time for us.




Selling a number of beverage posters here was a thrill in itself. But being amidst such an exciting and welcoming place was even better! This show was held over from August, 1989 until March, 1990!



The makings of beautiful memories! More on  Seagram Museum:  http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/the-seagram-museum-a-short-but-very-sweet-dream/




Billboard Dimensions! Another 1980’s highlight, this time showing out from a restaurant at Toronto`s Bayview Village. For anyone driving into the parking lot at night, it took on the vibe of a drive-in movie!(During this period we were particularly busy decorating restaurants in Toronto and elsewhere.)



First paper catalog-24 pages! Before there was Google there were stamps and envelopes; and poster/graphic gems we wish we still had.



Our first business card and our first close encounter with a remarkable artist, Rosalind Goss.

During February and March our  30 years of Celebration Blogs: http://www.idesirevintageposters.com/blogs/2017/02/



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