When you consider the must-haves for a major city, what do you think of? Whatever the choice, I doubt it comes up impromptu constructions from out of a rather remote landfill! But this past week we were awakened by precisely such a phenomenon. Here we go, then, to make some sense of this state of affairs.

Every large city has its generous patrons of the arts, be they individuals or corporations. Disinterestedness is far from the minds of most of them. They are, nevertheless, a crucial factor of plays, ballets and classical music ever being seen and heard. And they furnish much of the art in the art museums. The upshot of such sponsorship is an array of stimulating bids on the part of those having reflective and craft distinction.

This is all well and good, of course; and with public life ever more savage and shallow, it can’t be taken lightly. And also, for busy city dwellers, those gifts inhabiting fine edifices exert a much-needed balance for those who feel the need to be more than technically and domestically effective.

There are, moreover, those who, by instinct and education, have little trouble looking beyond practical solicitude. What such folks not merely like, but crave, is a wider display of craft and innovation—more in the sense of a holistic rather than incidental jolt. That one, or very likely, several builders, have erected expressions of mysterious creativity on a remote Toronto coastline (an ongoing landfill only open to the public on weekends) carries exponentially more energy than an official (“site-specific”) arts sculpture. To realize that there are others out there presenting design considerations in total anonymity and as completely detached from monetary motives ushers us into a most unique and cogent range of action.

Our photos might help establish more clarity about the difference in play.


Craft aplenty—and with a will to startle the passer-by on account of sensibility being a lightning bolt sharing with others an uncanny love!



Not a run-of-the-mill spin in the park! And the site allows bicycles being the only vehicle. And many of these structures are around fifteen to twenty  feet in height!



Land and sea and sky. And something else, verging on the impetus of nature!



Natural resources and human resources. Who would have imagined the transformative possibilities of this site?



The touch of human heft and heart, being an invitation to us to join in the flare-up this construction precipitates!


The delicate golden texture of the bricks here seems to have elicited the shape of the tower, and its outreach to the foliage. All this reflection, and with no assurance anyone will have paid any attention to it. The drama of coming upon a place so simple and therewith the possibility of an event so richly complex.



Delicate forms arising from raw beginnings!



Not far from the first apparitions, a witty play upon the City’s towers. The incongruities make for another kind of mystery.






Whoever you are, you’ve made the City a more special place!


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