One of the most exciting kinds of projects at the outset of our vintage poster business was providing apt settings for restaurants. The phenomenon of enjoying a night of delicious food and wine in an inspired setting—inspired in the senses of social buzz and industrial and graphic design buzz—represents a golden opportunity for an introduction of art work that has been invested with as much love and wit as the food.


One of our earliest great clients opened this fabulous bistro up on Toronto’s Eglinton Avenue, in the 1980s. We were regulars all through its impressive run.



A close-up of one of the dazzling vintage French lithographs we were fortunate to be able to bring into town.



Not only food and beverage works but also this Belle Epoque bicycle design would take you back to a  fabulous city and a fabulous era.



E.A.T. was in Toronto’s King Street West and Bathurst area, at an era when that was far from the hoppin’ place it is now. It was a low-key urban haven, serving a casual menu that was far above the ordinary.



Having Cappiello’s arresting lushly printed Green Devil was a definite dovetail with all the racey hopes this daring spot embraced.



Back to the present, here is a series of four gems we recently sent to a restauranteur in Manhattan. Jean Droit’s witty evocation of off-too-the-races!


Un CinzanoJean Carlu’s touching and vibrant variant of being braced by a fine beverage.



A presentation so redolent of the salubrious Lake District of Northern Italy.



All the zest of the Italian Riviera.



This is the little kitchen (vintage-poster-enhanced) where we enjoyed so many delicious meals with good friends!

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