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Georges de Feure (1868-1943)

Whereas the main thrust of Art Nouveau depiction comprises female figures supremely at ease, not much more complicated than the foliage entwining everywhere, there is a strain of output, tracing to a hardier discernment, wherein some undefined drama leaves the cast of characters apprehensive. Georges de Feure was a major exponent of this malaise and its more subtle beauty. The work from the deluxe journal, Figaro Illustré (February, 1900), shown on this page, was included in a series devoted to revealing the changes taking place in the lives of French women at the dawning of a new century.

This publication is in very good condition, 16 ¼"x 12 ½"; 6 color plates printed by a very sophisticated typogravure method. The magazine has 46 numbered pages, each page generously illustrated by de Feure.