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original vintage travel poster Italy Pan American c. 1950
42” x 28”
A-, L

There are many graphic approaches in the always highly anticipated world of vintage travel posters. One major tack is to hit the viewer with a facsimile of some attraction so close to the powerful facts that you want to go there and absorb it in person. Another strategy, the one chosen by the artist of the current instance, is to come up with a distillate of the atmosphere so unlike that of one's home that you wouldn't dare miss it.
The delicate color shift in the title---covering the nation's flag---opens the curtain on a place where structures and people oscillate between heaven and earth. We have the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a correspondingly leaning carabinieri (Italian National Police)---each in a state of mysterious elation (the welcoming party being faceless in the spirit of will-o'-the-wisp Futurism). We have monumental architecture that fades into an uncanny, euphoric spaciousness. This essence of Italy at its finest exerts a great seduction, powerfully speaking to our innate need for discovery.
A special feature of this work is its sophisticated color design and glorious color lithography, imbuing the vignette with rich, delicious energy.

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