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POSTER OF THE MONTH - November 2009

Art Deco Poster San Sebastian c. 1930's
39" x 27 1/4"

Prieto gives us a very unusual graphic for a tourist beach. Presenting the subject as a sweet dream (reve) before the visit and a beautiful memory (souvenir) after, the poster launches the pristine vision between two ephemeral figures whose angelic qualities suggest the place is a taste of heaven.Not a soul stirs, and the sea is a glassy calm. A Nabis-like delicacy pervades the whole scene, with its halo-resembling bay.

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POSTER OF THE MONTH - December 2009

Art Deco Poster Quinquina Duhomard c.1930
47" x 32"

If you were asked to personify delight in dining, there are many routine situations and cliches you could draw upon. Around the year 1930, the Paris graphic designer signing himself, "Dorfi," took hold of the wine manufacturer client's name to pop up with something quite different. "Homard" is French for lobster. How do you bring the wines to the image of a lobster? How did he think of a deluxe room service bell hop riding into your luxury suite on the back of your top-of-the-line dinner, and bearing a tray of both white and red beverages of the product line, each, apparently, superb with anything you might choose from the menu? The composition adds that your enjoyment of the lobster tails should be mindful that the flashy little guy who's done so much for your evening deserves a juicy tip.

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