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Adolph Treidler (1886-1981)

A good place to start, in specifying the qualities of Treidler's graphic designs, is our poster titled, "Starlit Nights." The illumination level clearly does not derive from starlight. What we have is a silvery moon (not shown) gently lending some romance to a group of Bermuda-bound tourists on the upper deck of a cruise ship. They could be at a patio party back in Pennsylvania, and that's just what Treidler finds not only to be a lucrative angle but a fascinating one. This, and many of the other posters shown here, emphasize that coming within range of an exotic destination does not sweep a sensible Yankee off of his or her feet, but embellishes the good thing they already have going. In this way, the proposed vacation hints at rewards of being in tune with a register of beauty showing great scope for development on the homeward leg.

Those of Treidler's works paying homage to the great Tom Purvis find in the Bermuda ambiance a crisp simplicity that spells mystery at its finest.

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